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Welcome to Platonic Sound

We are continuing to receive deep and transformative upgrades. Along with the potent astrology and solar activity we are also experiencing the higher frequency of plasma entering our consciousness. We are all literally waking up to ALL THAT WE ARE. What a miraculous time. This will be a unique opportunity to dive deep into the elements that make up all forms in our Universe. Each Platonic solid has particular gift to offer our consciousness. We are accelerating our ascension and will be learning which element suits our own frequency when needed.Frequency is the new medicine. 

What The Summer Program Entails

We will gather on Zoom for 5 Saturdays beginning July 27th, 2024

These sessions will be from 11am-1pm EST. Time permitting - Q & A

This is a participation program. You will receive vocal, breath and visual guidance with each Platonic Sound and Solid Activation. The power of coming together for this work will assist the collective.

We will dive deep into the Hexahedron (Earth), Icosahedron (Water), Tetrahedron (Fire), Octahedron (Air) and Dodecahedron (Ether). 

The Cost for this program is $555 


Payments accepted through Zelle/PayPal@kristinreitter/Venmo@Kristin-Reitter

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