We are shifting. Gaia, The New Earth, is already aligned with her authentic grid of the 5D grid.  I assist people to align with the new energies that are based in these organic grids. We are powerful beyond our knowings. In these sessions I attune to your vibration and listen to your guides and angels to  place all crystals and bowls to best assist what you need. All beings leave nurtured, full and blissed for their next steps of life. 


"Kristin utilizes her various instruments to create a comfortable space for meditation, transformation, harmony and peace.

The scents and sounds shifted my mind into a relaxed trance. It made me forget about everything and focus on myself. I found that I was in a balanced state of mind and body. I reached a meditative state of euphoric peace, one that I have never experienced before. Each sound bath has been different than the last. This has truly been a life altering experiences." -RN

"My sessions with Kristin have become a very important part of my wellness, self-discovery and healing. The care and intent with which she prepares the space and performs the session is beautiful, comforting and loving. The sound of Kristin singing with the bowls is mesmerizing. I am able to relax and go within during the sound bath in ways I am not able to on my own. After the sound bath is complete, she provides me with intriguing thoughts and questions to reflect upon, which has helped me discover and embrace more of my potential, power and purpose. To top it all off, Kristin is hilarious and her laughter and sense of humor are infectious! I leave each session feeling calm, clear-minded, joyful, restored and ready to take on the next steps of life!" -KM